Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moar interwebbs!

I changed my internet plan yesterday from a 25gig one to a 50gig one, still with my same ISP, Telstra BigPond. I've got cable with them, its the fastest I can get where I am. The only alternatives are a commercial connection, or moving out to one of the new estates where some ISPs are offering 100mbps plans.

Reason for the change is simple, BigPond is now making Second Life a metered experience. And I tend to spend a fair amount of time connected to SL for one reason or another.

I've been procrastinating a bit this evening (surprise, surprise) and I decided to check my usage for the past few months. In August I had 21gig normal usage and 25gig of unmetered usage. Definitely justifies the upgrade to a 50gig plan. But every other month I haven't been that much over 25gig, even if you count the unmetered usage. Also I've found that more and more of my work has been outside of SL. I'm helping write these papers with the Uni and starting to look closer at offline solutions for clients.

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