Tuesday, March 9, 2010

User Created Content in Games

So, Pants creates content in a virtual world. But today I want to write about User Created Content in games.

'How is that different?' I hear someone say. Well I'm not going to get into that, if you think Virtual Worlds, and/or Second Life is a game, then go away. :)

When it comes to gaming. I'm a big fan of the single player experience. Yes, I like playing multiplayer games, especially when the other players are within punching distance, but I find that most of my gaming is done in a single player fashion.

This got me thinking about the rise in games that allow User Created Content. I really like TrailsHD on the Xbox 360, and I find the more advanced levels really challenging but as soon as I got through all the levels I was thirsty for more. There is a feature to share levels you create with your friends, but, ummm... None of my friends had made any levels. A quick google search later and I'm watching youtube videos of some AWESOME user created levels in TrialsHD. I'd LOVE to play them. I'd even PAY to play them!!! Not much mind you, hahaha. Xbox currently has a 100 friend limit, so it's pretty hard to get these gifted level builders to accept your friend request so that you can download their levels.

Anyway, I made the realisation that the tools are already here, the community is ready. So come on developers! We love having the ability to create things in your game, but please don't stop there! Make some great tools for SHARING those creations so that we can help your game grow!

I want to be able to view a marketplace in-game that shows me the best user created content as rated by other users. And while your at it, why not allow the top X number of developers the ability to put a price on their content. Sure take a cut if you want, but if its on Xbox you could easily make a level worth 50 MS Points. That's not much for the average Joe but if a developer moves 1000's of the suckers, they're going to be quite encouraged to make more content, for YOUR game.