Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planar texture alignment in new beta viewer

Ok, I admit that sometimes I can be a little OCD. I suppose it’s a handy trait to have when you’re a builder in SL, it helps you get past what could be very mundane, boring and repetitive tasks because you need to work through it to make everything line up juuuust right. :)

This new texturing aligning function is, in my opinion, THE best update to the viewer EVER! With one click you can perfectly align a heap of prim faces. If you're not a builder you wont really understand just how awesome this is. But essentially it can turn hours of tedious trial and error adjustments into one click. I had got used to measuring a wall or a floor, then re-primming it with equally sized prims, just to make the texture aligning process simple. But not anymore, with this tool you can just bash together a build and it doesn't even matter if some prims overlap, you wont get any flicker because the textures will be perfectly aligned.

I really hope every builder uses this function, I really can't stand in being in or around a build with flickering textures. Once I worked out this function I went back and re-aligned textures in old builds that were once "too hard" and "not worth it" to align properly.

Actually my last post on this blog includes a floor that has a few holes cut out of it. Aligning the carpet texture on that floor took quite a while. By the end of it I couldn't be bothered aligning the concrete on the ceiling of the lower floor. Actually we chose concrete as a texture mainly because its harder to tell that the texture isn't aligned properly. I went back to it and used this function and not a lot changed (yay for me) but I did notice a few faces rotate 180 degrees. Oops lol

You can download the current Beta viewer from the normal download page

Here's a little youtube clip I found where someone demo's the feature. It's the perfect video because it shows the texture flicker I was talking about. Some people can't see texture flicker, it only happens with most video card combos.